Apple Baker Set of FOUR


Create tasty desserts and appealing presentation every time you use one of our apple bakers! Our high-fire stoneware clay body and the center spike assures a perfect, evenly cooked apple every time. The generously sized bowl provides plenty of room for topping off your creation with ice cream or whipped cream. Out of ideas for snack time? Children will love coming home from school to all the makings of a fresh baked apple. Even the youngest family member will enjoy stuffing their own apple with brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, raisins, or dried cherries. The possibilities are limited only by their imaginations! Simply pop their creation into the microwave for a delicious, tasty snack in just minutes. As always when cooking with children, adult supervision is recommended.

Each of our apple bakers measures 5.75" (top) x 4" (bottom) x 2.25" (high) and is glazed using a combination of our non-toxic glazes and stains. A recipe will accompany each set of apple bakers so you can begin enjoying them right away. All pieces of Stegall's Pottery are dishwasher and microwave safe.