About us

Stegall's Pottery produces a line of functional stoneware pottery designed by Alan and Nancy Stegall.
While stationed with the U.S. Air Force in Hawaii, we spent a few weeks in the base hobby shop. We quickly decided we would rather design and make our own pieces. A bag of clay and a few fruitless hours at the potter's wheel and it was evident we needed lessons! We were also convinced we had started a long and interesting, often frustrating, but never boring journey with clay!

Though we pursued careers in computer science and nursing, working with clay continued to be a part of our daily life. With Alan's retirement from the Air Force, we could think of no more rewarding way to spend our time together than producing our functional pottery at our home in the Tennessee mountains.

Whether thrown on a wheel, extruded, hand-built, or pressed into forms, we continued to be fascinated by this material known as clay. Its flexibility lends itself to the many shapes we create, and the many more we can imagine.

The clean, simple forms we produce are accented with non-toxic glazes and stains in colors and designs reflecting the landscape of our lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains.